He’s got the whole world in his hands

He's got the whole world in his hands

In 2011 the Spiritual Singers recorded the CD: ‘He’s got the whole world

18 arrangements composed bt Gwyn Arch:

  1. Oh Mary, don’t you weep
  2. Just a closer walk with thee
  3. Go down Mozes
  4. I want Jezus to walk with mee
  5. Swing low, sweet Chariot
  6. Daniel was a praying man
  7. What month was Jezus born in
  8. Ride on King Jezus
  9. Peter, go ring them bells
  10. I got a robe
  11. He never said a mumblin’ word
  12. Oh Mary, where is your baby?
  13. Child’ren go where I send thee
  14. Give me Jezus
  15. Rise up shepherd an’ foller
  16. He’s gtot the whole world
  17. I couldn’t hear nobody pray
  18. Oh when the saints go marchin’in

Cover design: Alie de Boer
Recording: Eurosound
Conductor: Theo van Lagen
Musical accompaniment:
Gwyn Arch, piano
Luke Steel contrabass
Marian Blaauw, soprano
Joke van Velsen, soprano
Lisette van Lagen, soprano
Bertine Harbers, soprano
Christine Westra, alto
Theo van Lagen, tenor

Gwyn Arch

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