Welcome to the homepage of the mixed choir Spiritual Singers from Renkum, The Netherlands. The only choir in the Netherlands having only spirituals in their repertoire. Please get acquainted with the choir through this website.


We write the year 1964 when the graduating class of the secondary school in Renkum decides to become an official choir that would focus on Negro Spirituals and Gospels, traditional religious folk music of the North American black slaves. The music originated during the slave labour on the plantations and in which Western and African elements merge . It is Jan Wilschut, at that time director of the school, which has taken the initiative and becomes conductor. Cor Dolderen accompanies the choir on the organ and piano. We are now half a century later. Members of yesteryear no longer form part of the choir, but most current members sing already many years with us. Even the age of most members can no longer be described as young. Jan Wilschut was succeeded by our current conductor Theo van Lagen. Herm Fennema was next pianist and now he is succeeded by Marian Hoven. In the past 50 years there has been a lot of singing in various church services and other occasions both in the Netherlands and abroad, like England, Germany, France and Roemenia. A large part of our repertoire is captured on record, cassette and CD. During all these years a lot of international contacts have grown. To this day, regular exchanges take place with the Reading Male Voice Choir from England led by conductor, composer and arranger Gwyn Arch.KerkBewerktKoorZ

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